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Dear LJ friends, Kidlitcon made me love you more than ever.

As I was just saying over on susanwrites 's LJ, I love my Bonny Glen readers & the conversations we have there. But there is something really special about the intimate writerly conversations that happen here on LJ, where all of the folks I follow are in children's books. I came home from Kidlitcon--where it was such a joy to hang out & talktalktalk with other writers (and that's always how I feel after a con or a visit with a writer friend like annemariepace --determined (not for the first time) to be more involved over here. Maybe I'll cross-post some Bonny Glen stuff, I don't know.

Here's a bit of a cross-post, actually: the day after Kidlitcon I had the incredible, magical, dreamy experience of visiting Mankato, MN, home of Maud Hart Lovelace, with Kathy Baxter (an extraordinary woman and a force in children's books) and my pal Margaret. Margaret posted a fabulous account of our trip this morning. She makes tons of fun of me, which is one of the things I love best about her. 

Winona's Wall

Me on Winona's wall. Photo by Margaret.


Hey, that's me!

You need to post more book stuff here. You have exciting things happening and your friends want to know about it. :)
I think I have new news since the last time I talked to you, in fact! But it's still all news and no *paper* yet--waiting for contracts. Random House did say I could announce the beginning reader at Kidlitcon, though. I didn't *announce* it per se, but I did slip it into my bio... :)
Well, you email me your new news and I'll email you my new not-to-be-announced-yet news.

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