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Race to the finish

The book:

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14,218 / 25,000

The baby:

Which will be delivered first?


Look at you going, girl! You're one speedy writer. I guess you've learned to be efficient--you have to be.
Funny, I always think of myself as a really poky writer. I spend a lot of time spinning my wheels, getting nowhere. And then all of a sudden a deadline will be upon me and I fly into a panic and whip out the rest of the book. This time, it's so different. No deadline except my own self-imposed (baby-imposed) one, which I would have expected to cause me to be pokier than ever...but there's no historical research either (or at least, it's only minimal), and WOW is it different to write this way. Not having to stop and fact-check every other detail. I've been doing period novels for so many years, I guess I'd forgotten how much easier it is to write when you can *just write*.
Well, anyone who can write 50,000 words in six months, year after year, impresses me.

Actually, I am probably getting closer to being able to do that--maybe just not as WELL as you do. :)

Is this book contemporary mg or another historical or what (I'm assuming not a historical since you said there wasn't much research . . .)?
Technically it's historical but it's a setting & period I'm familiar enough with that I can write without doing a ton of research...will have some factchecking to do later but for now I can pretty much just tell the story. And oh does that feel good...

It's coming along really well. Surprises keep popping up, which is always fun. And I've discovered a great way to make myself think about the book when I'm not writing: long hot baths with NOTHING TO READ. That's how I came up with the idea in the first place, and I keep treating myself to a bath almost every night to mull over where it's headed next.
Um, since it's been two weeks since your post, I'm wondering if the baby won the race?
Check out http://melissawiley.typepad.com/bonnyglen/

--they're heading into the home stretch.


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